• Available for full conference only. To apply, please submit a one-page explanation of need, covering import, personal, or professional gain, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Students (Full Time/Degree Seeking)
    • One Day: $15 (Friday or Saturday) | Friday: Register Online | Saturday: Register Online
    • Two Day: $25 | Register Online
  • Non-Students
    • One Day: $65 (Friday or Saturday) | Friday: Register Online | Saturday: Register Online
    • Two Day: $100 | Register Online


  • Six or More
    • One Day: $15 (Friday or Saturday) | Register (Mail Downloadable PDF)
    • Two Day: $25 | Register (Mail Downloadable PDF)
  • Family (Children under 10 are Free. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.)
    • One Day: $15 (Friday or Saturday) | Register (Mail Downloadable PDF)
    • Two Day: $25 | Register (Mail Downloadable PDF)
    • Free childcare on Saturday for children under 10.


Please refer to information in pink box.


The Transgender Spectrum Conference will provide important academic and educational opportunities on topics important to the transgender community and professionals who service this community. You may support this conference by purchasing a vendor booth for the following purposes and fees:

  • Product or Services Sales: $25 for Group, plus $50 per Exhibitor
  • Informational/General Exhibit: $50 per Exhibitor

If you are a co-sponsor of this conference, contributing time, talent or funding for this conference and require vendor space, please contact separately (314) 516-7250 for booth space.

All booths are of equal size. The perimeter spaces consists of 6’ L x 9.5’ W booth comprising 57 total square ft with 3- 6’ L x 1.75’ W tables to be setup in U-shape or other configuration, not to exceed the 57 square feet allowed per vendor. Each booth will contain two chairs. If you require space more than the allotted vendor area, you may purchase a double space. 

These booths will be set-up in the JC Penney Conference Center Lobby and on the 1st Floor Hallway, all highly-travelled areas of the conference space.

Please use the Vendor Form to provide details of your booth and reserve your space with the conference coordinator.

Your reservation will not be finalized until you have visited the online registration site to finalize payment of your booth space.

Once you have submitted the vendor form and made payment on your space, you will receive an emailed confirmation from the conference coordinator, Jim Jordan. Registering vendors will be allotted space on a first-come, first-served basis.

The deadline for vendor registrations is November 13, 2014, one week prior to the conference date. Vendors will be placed within the vendor area of the conference center at the discretion of the conference committee.

Reserve Your Booth

After completing the form and printing it out, please mail it to: 

Jim Jordan
One University Boulevard
307 JC Penney Conference Center
St. Louis, MO 63121